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Monstock is the innovative solution at the heart of production. Benefit from a DDMRP, DDMRP2 planning service and facilitate the customer journey. Improve your delivery & supply system.

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Consumer difficulties

Learn how to face the risks of Industry !

Non-unification of production stocks

Non-unification of production stocks :

Due to the vagaries of transport.

Difficult storage condition

Difficult storage condition :

Break in the production chain.

Difficult automatic replenishment

Difficult automatic replenishment :

Poor precision in demand forecasts.

Consumer difficulties

Customer gains with Monstock

Control your production and industry in an optimized way ! Make way for the calculations of your customers' needs and benefit from a vision of unified and consigned stocks.

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gains Monstock smart factory
the level of stocks

-20% à -40%

The level of stocks.
of material and instructions recovered

50 - 100%

Of material and instructions recovered.
of team productivity


Of team productivity.
supplier purchases

- 23%

Supplier purchases.

Our clients

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Key points

Benefit from many advantages thanks to Monstock solution which revolutionizes your inventory management in Smart Factory

Decrease in dormant stocks to limit the risk of shortages,
Optimization of logistics flows for better production management,
Improvement of delivery and supply systems to eliminate production errors.