Smart Stock

Digitalize, automate and revolutionize the management of your stocks and flows with barcodes, QR code, Datamatrix, GS1 128, NFC, RFID and IOT. With Monstock you will have a unified and omnichannel inventory management. Have real-time information, product traceability, generate your labels and barcodes.

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Consumer difficulties

The profound changes that are disrupting the Supply chain require resilience but above all adaptation within companies and warehouses.



Of SMEs are unable to adapt to the situation and have a lack of coordination between their departments,

Amplification of the need

Amplification of the need :

Customer protection and reinsurance,

Change in purchasing behavior

Change in purchasing behavior :

Contact-less shopping, on-line and off-line,

Change of mentalities

Change of mentalities :

Transparency, sustainable development, short circuits.

Consumer difficulties

Customer gains with Monstock

Ensure end-to-end product traceability with Monstock's Smart Stock offering. This allows you to manage inventory and flows in warehouses (WMS), stores, factories, urban hubs, vehicles, advanced stocks, lockers, etc. for a real-time and omnichannel inventory and flow management with a unified vision.

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Customer gains with Monstock
of time savings per week per employee

3 hours

Of time savings per week per employee.
of storage area


Of storage area.
in logistics efficiency


In logistics efficiency.
on internal costs


On internal costs.

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Key point

Benefit from many advantages thanks to Monstock solution which revolutionizes and automates your inventory management and warehouse traceability.

Complete, fast and ergonomic use,
Save time thanks to artificial intelligence,
Use in hyper mobility in warehouses,
Global vision with full traceability over the Extended Supply Chain (suppliers, customers, etc.),
Agile, adaptable and customizable Smart Supply solution,
Optimized customer experience.