Product management

Product management

Manage your product catalogue : create products, add pictures and documents, product data sheet, etc.

Equipment management

Equipment management (GMAO)

Manage your equipments : data sheet, notice, control dates, etc.

Compatible barcode

Barcode, QRCode, Datamatrix, NFC & RFID acquisition

Simplify your inventory management thanks to the barcode compatibility of Monstock.

Generate barcodes and QRCodes

EAN13 barcode, datamatric, QRCode, SSCC, GS1 128 generation

Generate barcodes and QRCodes for your products, equipments and orders.

Android & iOS mobile app

Mobile app (Android + iOS)

Manage your inventory in full mobility with the Android and iOS applications.

Complete offline application

Offline application (Android)

Take advantage of all the features offline from the application.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity

Simplify your processes with the Bluetooth connectivity : scanner, equipments, etc.

Monstock is available in 9 languages


Monstock is available in 9 languages for all your users.

Master data

Master data

Create master data : taxes, means of payment, deliveries, etc.

Categories and tags

Categories & tags

Simplify the sorting of your products and equipments thanks to categories and tags.



Pilot your inventory with an overview thanks to the dashboard.

User rights management

User rights management

Create accounts for all your users, manage their rights and acess to adapt the solution to your needs.

Pictures, documents and equivalent products management (GED)

Pictures, documents and equivalent products management (GED).

Import / Export (CSV, Excel)

Import your data in Monstock and update your data thanks to import. Export your data to facilitate their use.

Activity logs

Activity logs

Follow the daily activities carried out by your teams.

Anti-fraud law

Anti-fraud law

Manage your purchases and sales with a compliant anti-fraud solution.

Instant teamwork

Instant teamwork

Work in teams simultaneously in a collborative platform thanks to Cloud, your data is automatically updating.

Make inventories


Perform your inventories in a simplified way on the web or directly on your mobile to work in real-time with all your collaborators.

Print barcode labels

Print labels

Print labels for your products, equipments, inventories, locations and orders.

Complete reporting

Standard reporting

Get complete reports on all the activities performed on the solution.

Multi-sites and multi-locations

Multi-sites and multi-locations (warehouses, factories, stores, vehicles, etc.)

Manage your different sites (warehouse, deposits, stores, factories, urban hubs, vehicles, dark stores, advanced stocks, etc.) and locations (unlimited management of locations on a site, technology similar to Amazon allowing to manage, among other things, different products at the same location or not).

Stock valuation (weight average cost unit, FIFO, LIFO, NIFO, FEFO, selling price)

Stock valuation

6 methods of stock valuation to answer all your needs : weight average unit cost, FIFO, LIFO, NIFO, FEFO, selling price.



Manage the complete traceability of your products but also all the actions performed on your supply chain management and logistics.

Replenishment threshold

Replenishment threshold / Security treshold

Define replenishment and security thresholds for your products to receive an alert in real-time in case of out of stock.

Serial number management

Serial number management

Manage all the serial numbers of your products, equipments and handling units for a complete traceability.

Batch management

Batch management

Manage all your lots with their expiration dates for a complete traceability.

Fabrications, assemblies, allotments

Production / Manufacturing

Create and follow your productions, assemblies, kitting. Compatible with all the other features especially serial numbers, lots, traceability, etc.


Variants management

Manage the variations and variations of your products (size, color, etc.).


Booking management

Book products and equipments for your customers, suppliers or collaborators.

Rentals and loans

Loans and rentals management

Manage your equipment loans and rentals.


Transfers and moves

Organize transfers between your different sites and locations.

Regulatory controls

Regulatory controls

Ensure compliance with regulatory controls.

Inputs / Outputs / Logistic flows

Manage all your logistic flows, in inputs and outputs of your different inventory locations for a better traceability and an optimized inventory management.

Project management / Construction sites

Maange your different projects and the associated contacts, and attribute project to concerned products / locations.

Stock status management

Create and assign status to your products / equipments / inventory locations, to lock the or not in your activity stock.

Slotting and triangulation

Improve the productivity of your operations with the physical positioning of your stocks in the key areas of your different locations.

Unified stocks

Get an overview on all the products on your locations, to query the availability of your products.

Cross docking

Organize your flows to accelerate your preparations and dispatch and reduce the exploitation costs.

Expiration date management

Manage the expiration dates of your products to avoid waste and ensure quality goods delivery to your customers.

Equipment / Parcel tracking (IOT tracker)

Locate your equipments and parcels at any moment, to know the progress of delivery and their status.

Control tower / Business Intelligence

Benefit from enriched dashboards using artificial intelligence in order to have all the data necessary to manage your business.


Temporary storage of goods intended for a production process. Sequence and organize the merchandise needed to prepare orders and kits or to be shipped directly.

Data quality / Data cleaning

Data quality / Data cleaning

Manage your data optimally and sustainably thanks to the Monstock solution : ensure the completeness, validity and precision of the data.

Customer and supplier management

Customer and supplier management

Manage your customers and suppliers (contact details, payment, order history, etc.)

Customer order preparation

Customer order preparation and remainders, with packing

End-to-end customer order management, from preparation to shipment, including packing, backlogs and control.

Supplier order management

Supplier order management

Manage all your supplie orders in the same solution and follow their advancement.

Supplier order reception

Receipt of supplier orders and balances

End-to-end supplier order management, from receipt to put away in stock. The management of the remainders is native.

Proposition de réapprovisionnement fournisseur avec Intelligence Artificielle

Supplier replenishment proposal with Artificial Intelligence

Simplify management with replenishment proposals taking into account all the events to industrialize this activity on a daily basis.

Supplier invoice verification

Supplier invoice verification

Control and validate the various invoices from all of your suppliers.

Handling units management

Handling units management

Manage your different handling units during your preparations, receptions and stock movements (pallets, packages, etc.)

Logistics units management for purchases and sales

Manage your different logistics units during your preparations, receptions and stock movements (pallets, packages, etc.)

OMS (Unified / Omnichannel order management)

Manage all your sales order end-to-end to improve your customer experience.

Preparation and packing in waves (with / without automatic)

Optimize the preparation of orders thanks to the preparation in waves: ensure the grouping of your orders, their picking as well as their packing.

Standard supplier replenishment proposal

Standard supplier replenishment proposal

Get the list of products to restock based on the replenishment thresholds defined for your products.


Prepare your orders as a kit, to increase your production speed and reduce the risk of errors.

DOM (advanced OMS)

Orchestrate your orders received on your different sales channels and calculate the recommended shipping location to process your orders quickly and efficiently.

Standard order proposal without Artificial Intelligence

Standard order proposal without Artificial Intelligence.

Waiver proposal with Artificial Intelligence

Get recommendations for your AI-powered waivers.

Proposal of security thresholds with Artificial Intelligence

Define the security thresholds in an optimal way thanks to the analysis of different criteria by Artificial Intelligence.


Computerize the preparation of your orders to facilitate the picking of your products.

Wave Picking

Manage your organization when picking goods from the warehouse. Group controls, assign each wave to an operator, etc.


With consolidated picking, multiple orders can be combined into a single pick list. Orders can potentially be of different types, such as sales orders or transfer orders.

Click & Collect

Manage all your click & collect orders, from preparation to delivery with signature to the customer.


Manage all your drive orders, from preparation to delivery with signature to the customer.

Transport labels

Transport labels

Edit the labels for the transport of your different packages.

Home delivery (signature and reverse)

Home delivery (signature and reverse)

Manage last mile delivery and reverse logistics with instructions.

Carrier delivery

Track the deliveries of your orders by your carriers and facilitate the handling of your packages.

Urban logistics / Urban hubs

Gérez vos hubs urbains et optimisez votre logistique urbaine.

Order in store

Optimize in-store order taking by your various employees, by giving them access to all the information useful for the smooth running of the sale.

Reverse logistics

Manage the reverse during your deliveries, by validating the receipt of your instructions, etc.

Ship from store

Optimize the preparation of your orders in store as well as their shipment from the point of sale to your customers.

Track & trace

Track the deliveries of your orders by accessing their location and status in real time.

ASM (Advanced Shipping Model)

Manage your shipments with efficient transmission of accurate information about your orders.

Management of returnables

Validate the return to the warehouse of your returnables following your deliveries.

Responsibility transfer

Manage the transmission of responsibility between your employees thanks to the signature system.

Shared drive

Ensure the picking of the orders by the runners from the various stores, as well as the delivery to the customer with signature.

Access to partners: suppliers, customers, partners, etc.

Access to partners: suppliers, customers, partners, etc.

Access to partners: suppliers, customers, partners, etc.

B2B order

Give your B2B customers access to the customer portal so that they can easily place their orders.

Intervention management / FSM

Manage the interventions of your technicians, and obtain personalized reports on their activities.

Management of work orders / requests

Create personalized requests and work orders for your employees, work in real time with your stakeholders to support them in the field.

Planning of work orders

Intervention planning management, to optimize the work of your teams and increase productivity.

Sending documents by email

Sending documents by email

Send your documents by email from Monstock.

Integration (+3,000 applications)

Integration (+3,000 applications)

Integrate Monstock with more than 3,000 solutions, among the market leaders, to automate the management of your company.

Application integration hosted by Monstock

Apply our Monstock integrations directly to your solution and automate your processes.

Sending documents by email with your address

Sending documents by email with your address

Send your documents from Monstock using your email address.

API Available

API Available

Integrate inventory management with your existing solution, develop new functionalities thanks to the Monstock APIs.

Process / workflow engine (BPM)

Automate your processes and interactions while getting an overview of your workflows.

Customizable automatic alerts

Customizable automatic alerts

Set alerts to be notified in real time in the event of activity (stocks, orders, expiration dates / DLC, etc.)

Custom attributes

Custom attributes

Add custom fields to your product sheets, order forms, invoices, etc.)

Personalized documents (quotes, invoices, etc.)

Generation of all documents for your business with full customization.

White mark

Customize the design of your application and logo to apply your company's graphic charter to the application.

Screen and process configuration service

Screen and process configuration service

Customize Monstock screens and processes to match your business processes.

Advanced reports / control tower

With its data visualization offer, Monstock relies on Business Intelligence tools to give you access to advanced reporting, in order to provide you with the best management indicators for your business.

Chat Support

Benefit from chat support on the website and on mobile in order to interact directly with the Monstock teams.

Phone support

Ask your questions directly to sales representatives through our active telephone box. We will answer your questions and concerns.

Website support

Contact us directly from the website to tell us about your needs, questions or suggestions.

24/7 support

Benefit from support available 24/7 to respond to your request.


Learn how to use the Monstock end-to-end solution and benefit from practical and theoretical training for an effective start.

Online user guide

Learn how to use all of Monstock's functionalities: management of customer orders, management of supplier orders, management of your product and customer catalog, all simplified by comprehensive documentation.

Daily Backup

Host and back up your data securely in the Monstock solution.

Secure and adaptive

Make your solution but also your employees more productive thanks to secure and adaptive access to the Monstock solution.

Availability greater than 99% (SLA)

Our solution remains available continuously and non-stop 99.9% of the time for our users.

HDS certified

Store and share your data securely and in compliance with the general data protection regulations thanks to HDS Monstock certification.

B2B portal

Offer your suppliers, partners and customers a B2B portal to interact with your supply chain, and help it grow !

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