5 good reasons to digitize your inventory management

05 March 2020

The advent of digital and omnichannel in retail and the supply chain have made the digitization of inventory management essential in order to satisfy your customers. Digitalized inventory management makes it possible to gain efficiency not only with your customers, but also with your employees.

Still hesitating to digitize your inventory management? Let us present you 5 reasons not to hesitate any longer!

1.    Improve your productivity

Inventory management software allows you to plan, schedule and control all of the activities that take place in your warehouse. It allows you to streamline processes while optimizing flows, which saves you time and money spent on warehousing operations.

Thanks to a digitized inventory management tool, you will always be able to fulfill your orders: no more stockouts when you have orders to process!

Your operations become faster and more reliable, with the objective of satisfying and retaining your customers.

2.    Use a complete solution from receipt to delivery of your products

Digitizing your inventory management also means obtaining full traceability of all your products and operations (especially customer and supplier orders). The processes of receiving, preparing and shipping orders are fully digitized, allowing you to have more reliable delivery tracking. You will be able to offer a total visibility to the customer on his order, but also to quickly provide him a precise answer in the event of difficulties encountered in the management of his order.

3.    Digitize and simplify your processes

In addition to digitizing your order reception, preparation and shipping processes, inventory management software allows you to manage your inventories in a dematerialized and automated manner. Your inventories are thus carried out in real time using digital tools, thus limiting counting errors and allowing better analysis of inventory discrepancies.

You thus save time and reliability on your inventories, for an optimized management of your stocks.

4.    Reduce your costs

The digital inventory management tool allows you to obtain precise forecasts on the various movements of future stocks by analyzing your past activity. You will thus be able to know what behavior to adopt in the face of products with a strong seasonality, avoiding costly disruptions, which would cause you to miss sales, but also overstock which can also be very costly. You also ensure the follow-up of perishable products, to limit the waste and financial losses linked to too much stock.

5.    Have access everywhere and in real time

Using a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution to digitize your inventory management allows you to have the tool immediately, without having to make any purchases or IT infrastructure adjustments.

You get a cloud and mobile solution, allowing you to work simultaneously with your employees, from your warehouse or other storage sites.

5 good reasons to digitize your inventory management

Digitized inventory management is therefore more efficient inventory management, which saves you time but also money, to better satisfy your customers and employees.

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