AIoT and the digital transformation of the warehouse

01 March 2022


The key solution to the main challenges related to the warehouse is the digitalisation of logistics processes. Indeed, it is in this industrial context where the demand has been: more and more productivity with a lower error rate that the Artifical Intelligence of Things (AIoT) was born.

What is AIoT ?

AIoT is the meeting of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). It is about transforming IoT data into useful information for improved decision making.

AIoT is the sum of two technologies that will have the greatest impact in the coming years: artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.

AIoT enables internet-connected industrial robots (IoT) to improve their performance by evaluating their workflows and learning from their actions without human intervention.

The combination of IoT and AI will allow devices to interpret and compare their own information to autonomously create more agile and productive work patterns and methods.


AIoT in the warehouse

The implementation of AIoT in the warehouse will be able to simplify the work of operators, increasing productivity and reducing errors. AI will allow to protect and enhance the safety of the different devices. This means that in the installation, an infinite amount of data will be generated to control, analyse and verify.


The benefits of implementing AIoT

The implementation of AIoT in the warehouse allows :

  • Improved human-machine interaction,
  • More productive and efficient IoT devices,
  • Increased metrics and tracking of operation-related information.


All these points improve customer service, since customers will receive their orders without error, in the agreed conditions and time.

As a result, AIoT will enable a shift from collecting information generated by warehouse devices to collecting knowledge, so that these different metrics can be analysed to improve productivity and avoid inefficiencies.


Monstock is the stock and flow management solution that supports you in the digitalisation and transformation of your warehouses. Simple and intuitive to use, Monstock allows you to analyse your customer and purchase order history to propose orders accordingly.

For more information, contact the Monstock team.

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