5 reasons to rethink your order management system

07 December 2021

Faced with the numerous episodes of lockdown and the consequent changes in consumer behavior towards e-commerce, many retailers have had to play new digital strategies to stay competitive and stand out from others. 

Today, there is no doubt that an omnichannel strategy and a unified customer service is the way to go. An efficient order management system that can integrate data from multiple channels is required. Here are 5 reasons why you should rethink your order management system. 


1.    Optimize Order Replenishment 


An effective OMS directly means optimized order fulfillment. It unifies inventory management by providing real-time customer orders from all channels. The goal is to accelerate purchases by anticipating consumer expectations and to offer the right products on the right sales channels. 


Customers today are use to use different shopping methods for a single order. If the customer wants to use different tools to make the best choice and not regret his purchase, on the company's side everything must remain unified. It is out of question to display different information on its online and in-store platforms, so order system management must keep pace. 


2.    Offer profitable omnichannel 


This means, for example, offering the customer a promise delivery date or time and, above all, respecting it. This is what the use of an intelligent OMS will allow. For a company, having the confidence and the ability to communicate a promise delivery date from the beginning of the customer journey allows to build loyalty very quickly and to significantly improve the chances of conversion


3.    Transform your stores and enhance customer relationships


An effective OMS builds customer loyalty and provides him a unique experience. In order to make the customer's buying journey more fluid, the company needs to improve its communication, starting for example with personalized email and SMS campaigns. The customer must have the desire to engagewith the brand and interact on the different platforms offered to them.  


Customer recognition must also be guaranteed. Via the website, mobile application, social networks or in-store visits, each platform must recognize them and remember their past experiences to adapt to their buying habits and, for example, be able to offer them their preferred payment method.


4.    Make returns a strategic customer touch point


An efficient order management system allows products in very good condition to be returned directly to the global inventory for future sales. Through unified commerce, the customer has a complete view on his entire journey with the vendor. An OMS redesigned around this issue will make the journey information transparent to the customer, a boon to business advocacy and loyalty.


5.    Moving to the Cloud 


Pandemic has changed the retail sector and the difference among companies is in the ability to adapt and evolve around the changes in the sector. It can be interesting to migrate its systems to the cloud to strengthen its compatibility with e-commerce systems. 


A more intelligent OMS is therefore vital. It is no longer an action to keep in the corner of one's head, it is a must. The modern OMS has the ability to support the seller by transforming the customer's experience in-store and helping the company enrich the customer experience and use all services, including the return service, to stand out from the rest.

5 reasons to rethink your order management system

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