CMMS software : what are the advantages ?

03 November 2021

CMMS software : what are the advantages ?

Computer Assisted Maintenance Management (CMMS) software enables companies to automate the maintenance process in the workplace.

Easy to use, this software saves you time, efficiency and productivity in your business.

CMMS software is a method of maintenance management through the use of software that optimizes planning, monitoring, equipment and interventions within a company.


There are several uses for a CMMS software :

  • Monitoring of data and schedules,
  • Organization and maintenance of emergency interventions or not,
  • Simplify maintenance to increase efficiency and productivity


CMMS use :

it is important to choose a CMMS software that matches your needs and expectations.

To do this, there are a few criteria for selecting a CMMS software:

  • The price,
  • Utilisation facility,
  • Flexibility,
  • Customer support.

 The implementation of a CMMS software brings many advantages :

  • Time saving: optimization of tools,
  • Complete control of maintenance costs,
  • Benefit from equipment traceability for all interventions,
  • Means to facilitate communication between employees and maintenance teams,
  • Anticipate unforeseen events or stock shortages thanks to preventive and effective maintenance,
  • Make the right decisions at the right time: improve your performance, your decisions, your management and your maintenance.


KPI : performance indicator

CMMS is generally linked to a performance indicator called KPI (key performance Indicator).

This indicator allows you to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a business. The principle remains as follows:

  • Alert the company in the event of achievement of the objectives or in the event of stock shortages or tensions within the company.


Optimal and dynamic maintenance : a 360 ° vision :


Management of your maintenance :

The CMMS dashboard is a set of performance indicators over a fixed period or long term.

This dashboard remains effective for :

  • Carry out an assessment of company performance
  • Analyze and diagnose the situation
  • Communicate and broach the subject for possible modifications.

Fleet and equipment management :

The management of computer parks is linked to the management of equipment under one or more contracts.

The management of IT parks and equipment allows you to view the status of your equipment in real time and guarantees end-to-end traceability.

This management also allows you to manage documents related to products and product maintenance.


Inventory management :

CMMS software makes it possible to manage stocks of spare parts: parts rotation, utilization rate, blocked actions, anticipation of equipment needs, increased storage of parts used in large quantities.

CMMS inventory management offers the advantage of :

  • Centralize the parts to be stored: according to the delivery time, suppliers, frequency of use,
  • Define a replenishment threshold: ensure that there are a good number of spare parts stored,
  • Identify dormant stocks.

Procurement management :

CMMS management automates and revolutionizes all of your processes to avoid or limit repetitive and time-consuming tasks for your employees. This is how the CMMS transforms purchasing and supplies by optimizing the workflow, guaranteeing quality service and a solution adapted to your sector.

Much more than a simple purchasing management, the CMMS also makes it possible to :

  • Manage supplier and supplier customer relationships,
  • Analyze and control all expenses made,
  • Choose what's best for your customers.


Staff and schedule management :

CMMS management also allows you to manage your planning and personnel processes. This improves the sometimes very time-consuming human resources processes. Personal data is therefore almost automatic (organization chart, salary, question, days of rest, etc.).

Scheduling management helps organize all of the company's resources. It saves time and productivity that allows optimal work. Scheduling management also makes it possible to monitor products regularly.

The schedule also makes it possible to :

  • Finding the right person for the right action: employee skills and product resources must complement each other for a better job.
  • Being in the right place: making sure the person is in the right place
  • Be at the right time: avoid stock shortages, surplus or shortage of staff.

Cost and budget management

The CMMS allows you to have a unified view of all your costs and budgets. The goal is to have a set of information on stocks, inventories, traceability, equipment, etc., in order to find an optimization strategy.

CMMS software also allows you to analyze the profitability of the products and equipment you use. This is a gain in efficiency and productivity.

CMMS software : what are the advantages ?

CMMS software : what are the advantages ?

Monstock is a CMMS software that allows you to automate your processes in no time and from end to end : purchasing management, personnel and schedule management, cost and budget management, inventory management, IT fleet management and equipment, but above all maintenance management.

Discover all of our functions, use cases and their advantages: save time and perform your maintenance.


To find out more : contact the Monstock team

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