GS1-128 to guarantee management and traceability of goods

15 September 2021

GS1-128 to guarantee management and traceability of goods

In logistics, an international standard has existed since 1989 to define the type of barcode generated for storage, production and shipment of a product, a commodity or a pallet: GS1-128 (formerly named UCC / EAN-128).

GS1-128 contains various information and data which characterize the product via numeric and alphanumeric characters. Information can be of the following type: 

  • The date of production, 
  • Quantity, lot number, 
  • Expiration date,
  • Weight, etc. 

These readable and coded data facilitate the processing and automatic management of goods by barcode readers or by team members in charge of logistics.

Example of a GS1-128 barcode label

A GS1-128 label can contain the following information:

  •  A package number, 
  • A quantity of goods, 
  • A lot number, 
  • A weight and dimension, 
  • An expiration date, etc. 

Its function is to unify and group all the information and data of a product on a single label allowing a successful execution of various actions such as preparation of orders or quality control.

We can mention two stations which use and benefit from GS1-128 labels: the PIE (Entry Inspection Station) which controls the entry and exit of products and goods in a storage station or the order preparation station which uses the barcode in their operation.

This GS1-128 management allows different benefits: 

1.     Reliability of information because the product is marked with a unique code,

2.     Traceability and tracking of goods that is guaranteed on the entire chain thanks to a set of application identifiers (AI),

3.     Automation and simplification of data entry to track incoming and outgoing flows of goods.

Monstock allows you to manage this regulation within its solution and to benefit from the numerous advantages of the GS1-128 label including the acceleration of the operations and the actions in warehouse, automatization and simplification of the management of your logistics.

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