The SSCC code to ensure traceability and shipping of goods

02 February 2022

The Serial Shipping Container Code (the SSCC) is an identification system that helps control what leaves or enters the warehouse. The information assigned to the product allows it to be tracked throughout the supply chain.

The SSCC is a unique 18-digit code that identifies a shipping unit. That is, a pallet, a carton, etc. It works in the same way as the GTIN code, which creates an identity for the product.


The SSCC is constructed as follows:

  • The application identifier: the (00) indicates that it is an SSCC code,
  • An extension character (1 digit) which is defined by the company
  • A prefix (7 to 9 digits), it is the fixed part of the code that identifies the company
  • The sequential number (6 to 9 digits),
  • A control key (1 digit) to ensure that the code structure is correct.

On the logistic label defined by GS1 (the company that facilitates and automates exchanges by formalizing identification methods), we find :

  •  The GTIN for the product
  • The use-by date for the product
  • The batch number,
  • The SSCC for the shipping unit.

Be careful, SSCC, GS1-128, GTIN or others allow access to information on the product and the shipment, but they do not mean the same thing. The SSCC is not equal to the GS1-128. The latter is a form of barcode that encompasses a variety of product information, including the SSCC. The SSCC can thus be translated into a barcode: the GS1-128


The SSCC is not the GTIN either. This one includes only commercial data (total price, unit value, net weight, ...).

The SSCC digits can be found as a barcode in the GS1-128. This information can also be translated into the form of an RFID tag, for easier registration at the exit and entrance of the warehouse.


The SSCC is recorded in the Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN): a digital document that contains detailed information about the goods for shipment.


What does the implementation of the SSCC code bring


  • Traceability of your goods throughout the supply chain,
  • A control of the products entering and leaving the warehouse,
  • Efficiency when reading the information, depending on the company's preferred reading method (ASN, RFID tag, etc.),
  • The 18 digits of the SSCC allow the company to create unlimited sequences of codes,
  • Reliability of information that respects the international standard and integrates with others (GS1-128, ASN, etc.).

The creation of an SSCC can be done with a warehouse management system (WMS). Such a solution automatically generates the SSCC and ensures that supply chain stakeholders can track the goods throughout the supply chain.


The volume of orders processed is increasing day by day. This makes it complicated to build SSCC codes manually. The use of warehouse management software becomes necessary.


Monstock is the inventory and flow management that helps you to prepare your orders efficiently. Reduce picking errors and gain in traceability thanks to validations by barcode scan, QR code, RFID tags.

 To learn more about GS1-128, RFID tags or ASN, check out our blog posts.

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