Supply chain 4.0 : the new Supply Chain

16 November 2021

Supply chain 4.0 : the new Supply Chain

Supply Chain 4.0 is a concept that considers the integration and use of new technologies in the Supply Chain. The objective is to obtain a flexible, secure and above all, fast chain. 

What is included in Supply Chain 4.0 ?


  • Process automation. For example, the management of handling operations (loading, unloading, quality control, etc.) or the management of your employees (task assignment, performance measurement, etc.),
  • Artificial intelligence enables us to anticipate and make intelligent decisions. Algorithms analyze current conditions to best solve problems and anticipate customer demand. Machine learninganalyzes automatable concepts so that machines learn and improve their processes,
  • Big Data to control supply and raw material inventories, transportation activities and routes, traffic information or user behavior, 
  • Blockchain enables secure information exchange. It reinforces reliability and transparency between the various players in the Supply Chain,
  • Digital transformation, which generally brings a standardization of actions in warehouse management. We can distinguish, among others, IoT, robotics, digital twins, etc.


Benefits: decision making, communication, accuracy


Such tools added in Supply Chain 4.0 bring many benefits to the warehouse. Communication systems are optimized to accelerate decision making and the fluidity of information exchange between companies or between different warehouses of the same company. 

A digital Supply Chain allows everyone to have complete visibility on the information it contains. All of that for a total traceability on all products.

Robots, drones and methods of merchandise storage or order picking allow the optimization of the warehouse in terms of storage and security. Digitalization allows to know at any time where a certain SKU is stored, when it should go out or come in, and where it should be stored.

The use of WMS warehouse management software eliminates errors and ensures better customer satisfaction.


Industry 4.0: a new approach in the industry to support the transformation of Supply Chain


Supply Chain 4.0 is the logical continuation and benefit of the Industry 4.0 or Industry of the Future concept. Combining real and digital tools, Industry 4.0 aims to optimize products to make them even more efficient while ensuring a total flow of information between all players in the industry.

Supply Chain 4.0 therefore hijacks achievements of Industry 4.0 to revolutionize its supply chain. When the above-mentioned Supply Chain 4.0 technologies are combined, the Supply Chain becomes more flexible, intelligent, and gains in productivity.  

Companies must therefore progressively integrate these developments into their processes to be able to solve the new problems posed by technology in order to guarantee satisfaction for the company, but also for the customer.  

Supply chain 4.0 : the new Supply Chain

Supply chain 4.0 : the new Supply Chain

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