Internal product and equipment management

08 September 2021

Internal management of products and equipment

It is now essential for companies to have a product and equipment management system. Good product and inventory management is necessary to certify optimal internal functioning, quality and transparency to customers about the stages through which products go.

Indeed, whatever the company and the storage technique, the product goes through different stages :

  • the start,
  • the growth,
  • maturity,
  • the decline.

In order to achieve optimal customer satisfaction, internal traceability then became a requirement within the warehouse. It makes it possible to record and identify the product at all stages of the logistics chain that it passes through until it leaves the warehouse and by retaining the essential elements to carry out its production (product components, equipment used). , etc.).

For companies, internal product traceability helps to increase productivity by limiting risks and reducing improper handling or exceeding the expiration date of goods by improving flow control and compliance with health and legal regulations. The management of products but also of equipment is thus standardized, shared with all and updated automatically to save time.

  • This optimized management allows you to benefit from efficient warehouse logistics.

For customers, internal traceability allows them to increase their confidence thanks to a detailed view of the path of their product in real time and thanks to respected delivery deadlines. Customer service is thus improved and the costs associated with inventory problems are reduced, so that the customer feels secure, integrated and taken into account in the process of his order.

For better product management, inventory management software is therefore a key logistical element. For each entry and each exit, the software records and gives access to all those concerned to the product's journey, its origin, its expiry date, the regulations it must adhere to during the process, etc.

Internal product and equipment management

Internal product and equipment management

Monstock allows you to have real-time access to the in progress operations for each product and guarantees a total control of stocks and flows. The solution keeps you informed of the characteristics of each product entering and leaving your warehouse, the route it has to take, the equipment used and the people in charge of each operation.
Find here our use cases on traceability, management of consumables, equipment and PPE.

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