Distributed Order Management : adapting your methods to keep up with the logistics transformation

12 November 2021

Distributed Order Management: adapting your methods to keep up with the logistics transformation

Distributed Order Management (DOM) is a method of optimizing order fulfillment to deliver orders. The objective is to deliver to customers on time and at the lowest possible cost. It is a software that controls the entire supply chain by automating processes, order preparation and shipping. 

Customers now shop from multiple platforms: in-store, online, on their mobile app, or even online from the store before deciding on the delivery method that suits them best. It is therefore essential to be efficient on each of these platforms without negatively impacting the customer experience.

Omnichannel is an increasingly complex system. DOM optimizes processes for fast delivery at the lowest possible cost. 

DOM allows an access to all inventory items from a single platform, ensuring that the customer's request can be fulfilled at any time according to the customer's preferences (platform used, payment method, delivery time, etc.).

Why should you use Distributed Order Management ?


  • To synchronize and standardize E-commerce and store platforms to allow the customer to order according to their preferences and availability,
  • To merge and organize customer orders to consolidate shipping,
  • To improve the customer experience, 
  • Etc. 

Distributed Order Management allows the customer to have more control when placing an order and for the company to follow up on each customer's request to respond as quickly as possible to their expectations.

What type of business might need a such system ?


Having many suppliers can result in complex exchanges where you need to know how many units to order, for instance. Using a DOM helps you know when and what quantity you want to order. 

If you have more than two warehouses, it can quickly become difficult to know what you have in inventory and where you have decided to store it. Also, if your SKU count is constantly growing, it's easy to get lost in your inventory.


And why not settle for a traditional system ? 


Traditional systems do not consider the transformation of retail into an omnichannel mode of operation. They are too rigid and no longer adapted to the multiple behaviors that companies and customers can adopt. 

While traditional Order Management Systems only deal with order management, DOM ensures end-to-end order fulfillment, regardless of the channel used, to guarantee the customer satisfaction.

DOM adapts to your business and allows for extensive customization of your sales and pricing rules. Your system becomes consistent and understands new data for optimal use. The method can integrate from multiple sources to allow you to access your internal and external data in one place. Again, this allows for better visibility into the entire supply chain.



  • Better control of your supply chain. DOM allows for better coordination with real-time visibility into open orders, transfer goods and inventory, 
  • Cross-canal integration. Using separate channels can quickly make order picking complex. DOM unifies processes and locations, preventing the use of multiple systems,  
  • Improvement of customer experience. Poor inventory and cost management can quickly lead to stock-outs and slow orders. DOM makes it possible to react to and, above all, anticipate restocking and other shortages. 
  • Cloud. DOM is based on the cloud, so updates are automatically synchronized and available to everyone. This allows better processing of information, for better performance monitoring and accurate and intelligent forecasts.
Distributed Order Management: adapting your methods to keep up with the logistics transformation

Distributed Order Management: adapting your methods to keep up with the logistics transformation

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