Cobots : the future of warehouse automation

08 February 2022

It is important for warehouses to manage and automate customer and / or supplier order processes, to optimize picking but also deliveries to do the best thing and satisfy customers. We then speak of artificial intelligence at the heart of warehouses. For example, there are cobots also called collaborative robots.

This technology already present in warehouses improves the efficiency of the logistics chain: preparation of orders, transport of goods, picking and all other essential actions in warehouses.


What does Cobot mean ?


Cobot, also called collaborative robot, enables automation by artificial intelligence in warehouses. This robot is designed to be used in both e-commerce and automotive work environments to facilitate or even avoid painful, repetitive and sometimes dangerous actions for workers.


The cobot does not replace human warehouse labor, it is an additional aid to increase productivity. Indeed, thanks to the collective robot, workers are more careful. This innovation enables automation by artificial intelligence or machine learning.


What are the gains?

  • - 85% of non-productive warehouse time thanks to robotics automation.


What are the advantages of collaborative robotics ?

  • Details of the actions carried out by the workers : handling sometimes leads to major errors. Robotization makes it possible to minimize these errors.
  • Safety : in the warehouse, loads can be heavy, and the risks are not less, which is why cobots handle the most dangerous tasks to limit and avoid the risk of accidents and damage.
  • Productivity and efficiency : Robotization allow operators to save time and travel in warehouses, which maximizes its performance.
  • Lower operating costs : Operator and warehouse resources are optimized through increased efficiency and productivity.
  • Organization and flexibility : Robotics allow you to multitask faster.


Example of collaborative robotics in a warehouse


Generally, the repetitive actions and sometimes sources of error in the warehouse are the logistics activities.

  • Picking and packing: providing a significant improvement in the agility and efficiency of the task.
  • Assemble and pack the goods: optimization of these time-consuming operations.
  • Quality and control: reduction of logistics costs and increase in productivity and quality control.


ISO 15066 regulations for collaborative machines ?


To better manage this robotization, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has implemented a standard called: ISO / TS 15066: 2016 ("robots and robotic devices")

In order to :

  • Maintain security conditions,
  • Guarantee the efficiency of operators and collaborative robots,
  • Prevent occupational risks.


Cobots or industrial robots ?


The cobot corresponds to a collaborative machine which acts as an assistant / help to warehouse operators.

The classic industrial robot corresponds to a machine, but which aims to replace all human actions to gain in productivity.


What are the differences between the two definitions ?


Cobots :

  • Productive: can perform several tasks,
  • Able to learn by programming,
  • Interaction with humans.


Industrial robots :

  • Execution of a single task,
  • Scheduled but cannot respond to unforeseen events,
  • Does not allow collaboration but to replace human activity.


The future of collaborative robotics


Artificial intelligence is essential in the warehouse. It will replace manual and tedious jobs but will cover new profiles and sectors of activity.

The cobot and collaborative robotics will increase the efficiency and productivity of warehouses so as not to lose jobs and guarantee end-to-end security.

Cobots : the future of warehouse automation

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