Distribution centre : reduce delivery times and eliminate errors

27 December 2021

distribution center

A distribution centre is a logistics facility that focuses on the processes of receiving and shipping goods. The distribution centre must deliver the product quickly and efficiently to end customers, other warehouses, or supply production sites.

The tasks of a distribution center

The mission of distribution centres is to receive goods from various sources, organise them and ship them to their destination in the shortest possible time. As such, these facilities maintain minimum inventory levels and typically store products for short periods of time.

The main operations of a distribution center and the most common storage systems:

- Receiving,

- Warehousing,

- Picking,

- Shipping.

Reducing delivery times and errors 

The key to reducing delivery times and avoiding delivery errors will be to create processes for all stages of order preparation.

This will include:

- Choice of boxes,

- Choice of packaging materials,

- The method of product placement.


In order to ensure quality and consistency in order picking, employees need to know this process.

In order to avoid long delivery times at the end of the year. It is necessary to mobilise the teams, order sufficient packaging products.


Monstock is the inventory and flow management solution that allows you to efficiently manage and optimise your inventory and thus considerably reduce delivery delays and errors. Monstock allows you to gain in productivity and efficiency with a real time view of the data.

To find out more : contact the Monstock team !

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